Are you familiar with this problem?

You suffer from rheumatism and have tried everything to ease the pain, even cold therapy. Nothing has really helped. You’re still looking

We have a solution.

It’s also a form of cold therapy, but with one fundamental difference: The optimal temperature can be adjusted to the exact degree and remains constant. This leads to a verifiably clear alleviation of symptoms.


If you react positively to cold, this is a new form of therapy that can alleviate pain and stem inflammation. How? By directing perfectly cooled water over a specified time period through the fine capillaries of a cuff.

Not just for your hands

Usable anytime for acute pain, HILOTHERAPY also works for chronic inflammatory disorders of the joints and spine, as well as soft tissue rheumatic disorders (fibromyalgia) in these parts of the body:

  • In the shoulder joint area
  • Around the knee joint
  • In the most affected area: the hand
  • In the elbow area
  • Also in the ankle area