The “cold chamber” for at home
Hilotherm Homecare

You just have to plug in the Hilotherm Homecare device, fill it with distilled water, connect the corresponding cuff, and set the desired temperature. In other words, you can use Hilotherapy any time, completely according to your own sensibilities. The device is easy to transport (travel).



Especially suited for mobile use, e.g. in a practice, at the clinic, at the sports club,
or at home. After fresh injuries and surgical operations, for chronic inflammations and pain, as well as rheumatism.

Allows connection of 1 cuff, treatment of 1 person.
Continuous operation at a constant temperature (sensors keep the set temperature constant).


Coolant: distilled water

+15 °C to +22 °C (can be selected in 1 °C increments)

Dimensions 240 x 260 x 260 mm

Weight: Empty weight: 2.9 kg
Ready for operation: Max. 3.4 kg
(with completely full container)

Power supply (230 V)