Will cold help me?

A crucial question. Your doctor should give you the answer, unless you know from experience that cold helps you. Scientific studies say:
Cold therapy is effective for chronic inflammatory disorders of the joints and spine, and for soft tissue rheumatic disorders (fibromyalgia).
And: Cold therapy is expressly recommended by the Berufsverband Deutscher Rheumatologen (Professional Association of German Rheumatologists).



I already know it…”

That’s true, but at the same time, it isn’t. Sure,
you’ve already tried to treat your rheumatism with cold. Starting from ice packs and cooling pads, cold air and cold sprays, up to cold chambers, there are options for applying cold to alleviate inflammation and pain. But what does it come down to, and will you even be responsive to cold?



What must an effective cold therapy achieve?

The application of cold leads to reactions in the nervous system and metabolism that have a strong influence on the physique, but that are expressly desired.

  • The hyper-sensitive pain memory becomes virtually “reformatted”
  • The sensors become desensitized
  • The knotted muscles become loosened

A second effect

  • When the local tissue gets cooled, a reduction in circulation and in the local metabolism occurs. Both have an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces swelling.
  • In addition, lymphatic drainage and cytokine balance are positively affected. Cytokines are messenger substances that play an important role in controlling the immune system.

HILOTHERAPY can do all of this!